Lavendar Rose Lights


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These lavender Rose Lights are a stunning home decor accent that appeal to all ages and can be used almost anywhere. The Roses on this unique light set are actually made from real leaves and produce a soft translucent light unlike anything made from synthetic materials. A natural process is used to remove the green flesh of the leaf, leaving only the fibrous skeleton which is strengthened and then dyed with beautiful colors. The soft, translucent ambiance that these natural leaves produce is stunning, and cannot be replicated with synthetic materials. This is what sets these Rose Lights apart from all other string lights!

Rose lights make a beautiful home decor accent and are often used as centerpieces for parties, weddings, and special occasions. Perfect for relaxation, romance, and home decor, we're sure that you'll agree this is one of the most beautiful and elegant light strands ever created.
Wrap them on your bedposts, drape them over your curtains or make enchanting centerpieces out of them.

Each strand features:
-20 hand-crafted Rose lights
-convenient end-to-end connectors
-9’ cord length
-2 extra bulbs and 1 extra fuse
-UL Approved

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