Sweet Red , Green & Black Frog Figurine


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This product originated in Dehua, one of the fine ceramic capitals of Asia with over 3000 years of ceramic history and culture. Combining traditional workmanship with modern firing techniques and using clay "as white as jade", these beautiful frogs have been developed as a collectible treasure. A process of eight working procedures all fired at different temperatures is how the hand painted finish on this fine collection is achieved.

Like the butterfly, the frog is a symbol of reincarnation. It's form goes through a radical transformation: from frothy spawn containing myriad eggs, to the tadpole breathing by means of gills and sprouting legs, which finally in losing its tail becomes the adult air-breathing hopper.
For thousands of years, frogs and toads have been associated with myths, folklore and magic.
Some cultures saw them as representative of good fortune, protection, rain and fertility. The frog symbolized resurrection and a higher stage of spiritual awakening. In the Rig Veda creation myths of the Hindus, the Great Frog supports the universe and is representative of the matter from which all is created.

In Egypt the frog was most commonly associated with the goddess Heket (or Heqet), the goddess of fertility and childbirth who assisted Isis in her ritual to resurrect Osiris. Heket is depicted as a frog-shaped goddess, whose priestesses trained as midwives. They wore amulets, jewelery and other ornaments that bore her image. Frog shaped knives placed on to the bellies of pregnant women and newborn babies were believed to protect their youngsters. Frogs in general were so important to the early Egyptians they were often embalmed after death.

Frogs and toads go through at least one major transformation during their lives, that from tadpole to adult. Many also shed their skins regularly as they grow, and some even eat their discarded skin. These transformations may explain why many cultures saw frogs and toads as symbolic of re-creation, or as keepers of the secrets of life after death. Members of the Olmec tribes of early Mesoamerica created images of a toad as the God of rebirth, reborn after consuming itself and thus caught up in the never-ending cycle of life and death.

This beautiful frog measures 6.25" in length and comes with an elegant gift box lined in satin. A wonderful collector's item and great gift idea.

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