The Guardian


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The Guardian was inspired by a wood print of an Etruscan guardian spirit in Raven Grimassi's book Italian Witchcraft. It is believed that these house deities called Lasa or Lare, served as the precursor of the Watchers or Watchtowers of the four elements. Carved over doors or beds, in Etruscan times, these figures acted as protectors and messengers of the Gods. It is believed that artists used these images as reference for our concept of angels. Those with eyes in the wings were of the highest level, much like archangels. This Guardian represents all four elements and carries aspects of both male and female. On its sword is written Defensor in Theban script. It's wings spread to encompass the dwelling in which it is hung. This watchful being embodies the security and comfort of divine blessing. Measures 5 5/8" x 10 3/8" x 2". Available in a stone finish.

May the Guardian bring safety and security to your home and family.

Copyrighted images by artist Paul Borda.

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