Crescent Raven Pentacle


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This is such a beautiful pentacle and one of our favorites! The Raven, indicted by the point in his tail, symbolizes power, fate and transformation. The Crescent represents flow and change, the moon waxing and waning in the night sky. With the points up, it is known as the Horned Moon and is seen as the balance of masculine and feminine energy. The dynamic asymmetry of the Celtic swirl patterning pre-dates Christianity on the British Isles and was purely Pagan in origin. The moon expresses the intensity of Ravens deep past guided by the horned moon. The pentacle grounds all that energy in the element of earth so that you can build and focus the energy as you wish.

The Crescent Raven pentacle is available in a wood finish only.

Measures 5 1/2" x 5 1/8" x 3/4.

Copyrighted images by artist Paul Borda.

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