Cernunnos Plaque


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Beautifully detailed Wall Plaque of the Celtic God Cernunnos.
Plaque measures 9" X 11" and is cast in a Polyresin Porcelain Blend. Get this plaque while you can as no more are being made by the artist in these finishes!

First worshipped by Iron age Celts across Europe until the end of the first century. Symbol of the Hunter and the Hunted. His image appears on numerous stone carvings and other artifacts throughout Europe. He appears crowned with stag's antlers, is often seated in a meditative position, and is almost always depicted with images of wild animals.

His Celtic name is unknown, although he may be associated with Derg Corra, the early Celtic "Man in the Tree." Cernunnos is a Roman name meaning "horned one." He is often associated with Herne the hunter, a character of British folk myth, and the "Green man" of European architecture. Roman invaders associated Cernunnos with Mercury. He is later associated with "Herne the hunter," of European legend, and his appearance was eventually adapted as the Christian Devil's. Available in a stone or gold colored finish.

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